Board in the Stacks: Sakura

You are the paparazzi of medieval Japan -- painters. Hiding behind bushing, sneaking around tree, jostling for position to get a quick sketch maybe even a watercolor study of someone famous. As you lay in wait behind the garden gates you hear the clink of an easel. The soft scrape of a gentle brushstroke. The … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Sakura

Board in the Stacks: Decrypto

Introduction Decrypto is quick word game where teams attempt to relay information out loud to each other using coded clues without allowing the opposing team to “intercept” or figure out their message. Setup and Gameplay Each team has an upright dashboard with four red-screened windows numbered 1-4. In each window they tuck a card so … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Decrypto

Board in the Stacks: Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea is an original take on worker-placement games. The snappy turns, variable pacing, solid eurogame roots, and delightful artwork, provides a very satisfying experience for a wide array of players. While not the best gateway game, new and seasoned players alike will love it.

Board in the Stacks: Photosynthesis

In Photosynthesis, you are a species of tree engaged in an ages-long struggle for precious sunlight. Sap has not been shed in generations and you hope to see your wind-blown progeny emerge innocent from seed and grow to haggard adulthood. Until, that is, they are harvested for points on the whim of an uncaring and … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Photosynthesis

Board in the Stacks: Mountains of Madness

IELLO is diving into the realm of Cthulhu with Mountains of Madness; a quirky, cooperative party game from designer Rob Daviau. The game draws inspiration from the H.P. Lovecraft novel, At the Mountains of Madness, focusing on the events of an ill-fated Miskatonic University expedition to Antarctica as adventurers are driven slowly mad by exposure … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Mountains of Madness

Board in the Stacks: Magic Maze

Four adventures are stuck in a mall without any supplies. They’re your stock standard dwarf, elf, barbarian and mage who need to dash and grab some supplies and get out as quickly as possible. This isn’t new to this group of explorers. It’s practically the same as delving into a dungeon and escaping the dragon, RIGHT? Just get to your preferred loot and get out again!

Board in the Stacks: London Second Edition

Osprey Games (Samurai Gardener, The Ravens of Thris Sahashri, Escape from the Aliens from Outer Space, The Lost Expedition) has published a second edition of Martin Wallace’s seminal tableau builder, London, and it is absolutely gorgeous. Just to start off on a high note this game is elegant in presentation from the book box (it … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: London Second Edition

Board in the Stacks: Spirit Island

In Spirit Island, 1-4 players take the role of Nature Spirits protecting their island home and its inhabitants, the Dahan, from invading colonists. Spirits needs to support each other, guide the indigenous Dahan, and hamper the rapidly expanding and exploitative colonists. In order to live peacefully, the island must be rid of most of the colonial presence … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Spirit Island

Board in the Stacks: The Legend of the Wendigo

The Legend of the Wendigo is a werewolf-styled social deduction game for 2-6 children aged 6+ from Iello Games. In this “lighter” themed version, the Chipmunk Scouts are out telling stories around the campfire and, unbeknownst to anyone, the legendary Wendigo is lurking in the shadows. Each night the Wendigo returns to camp and steals … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: The Legend of the Wendigo