Gaming 101: Moving Past Monopoly (and towards an inclusive hobby of gaming)

I was super lucky to be invited to present along with an awesome panel of board game and gaming librarians at the 2018 Pennsylvania Library Association annual conference.

Gaming 101: Moving Beyond Monopoly

Tegan Conner-Cole, Youth Services Librarian, Glenside Free Library
John Pappas, Head Librarian, Cheltenham Township Library System
Heather Soltroff, Youth Services Librarian, Southampton Free Library
Jeff Cothren, Systems Administrator, Hershey Public Library
Rita Smith, Children’s & Teen Librarian, Hershey Public Library
Barbara Clay, Library Assistant — Children’s Services, Hershey Public Library

Education Level: Introductory — Information on the topic is basic or a new innovation.
Need to get caught up on the new ways to game in libraries? Board games are currently a hot trend and computer games are re-inventing themselves. You may
have heard about libraries with circulating board game collections or libraries with huge gaming events. Have you ever wondered what goes into having and managing a board game collection? What about how to host a board game event welcoming to all ages? What about adult board game nights? What about creating a board game club just for teens? What games are out there besides Monopoly or Scrabble? How can you use board games at your library? At this session, librarians and gaming experts will introduce you to the hottest games, how to set up and manage a library board game collection, and the best ways to host gaming events that work for you. We’ll also introduce you to a library who is reaching new populations with an innovative multiplayer computer game. Being a gamer is not required.

Sponsor: Youth Services Division (THANKS!)

Every Librarian Should Play Board Games