Board in the Stacks: Sakura

You are the paparazzi of medieval Japan -- painters. Hiding behind bushing, sneaking around tree, jostling for position to get a quick sketch maybe even a watercolor study of someone famous. As you lay in wait behind the garden gates you hear the clink of an easel. The soft scrape of a gentle brushstroke. The … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Sakura

Games in the Stacks! Oink Games

A group of poor explorers. Unlimited riches. Untold Danger. Oink Game’s “Deep Sea Adventure” and “Troll” both play with these themes. They are quick to learn and play. They have minimal components and look gorgeous on a shelf...but, despite the packaging, are they any good? The Game: Designer: Jun Sasaki Publisher: Oink Games Ages: 8+ … Continue reading Games in the Stacks! Oink Games