Better Know A Designer: Antoine Bauza

The Designer

To start off my series on iconic board game designers and their available catalog, I’d like to introduce to you,¬†French game designer, Antoine Bauza. But first, let me explain why I am going to discuss designers. Similar to books and quite unlike the games most of us grew up on; modern board games include the name of the designer[s] on the boxtop. The reason for this is to partly provide credit but also I think it links a name to a product which can, in time, can lead to certain designers becoming known for certain types of games. By knowing the designers and their catalog, you (as a librarian) can help develop collections to meet the need of your community. Many designers are prolific, some are very diverse in their creations but most have some signature which sets their games apart from other games on that market. Let’s explore that with one of my favorites game creators, Antoine Bauza.

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