Board in the Stacks: Samurai Gardener

In Samurai Gardener — first published as Edo Yasiki in Japan — from Osprey Games and Hisashi Hayashi, 2-5 players quickly grab and then place cards to construct impressive gardens and score points and bonuses by having rows/columns of similar areas. Each card consists of six sections with different types of features (pond, tatami mat, garden, and … Continue reading Board in the Stacks: Samurai Gardener

Games in the Stacks: Hive

The Basics: Designer: John Yianni Game Type: Tile laying Number of Players: 2 Playing Time: 20-25 minutes Mechanics: Tile placement, Grid movement, Abstract strategy The Game: Our library has long had chess sets that players can use in the library. This classic abstract strategy game has been around for centuries, and to be honest, I've never been good … Continue reading Games in the Stacks: Hive