Games In the Stacks! Broom Service

Welcome to Broom Service! Ours is a delivery service where we enlist the services of the finest and most dedicated witches, druids and gatherers, to find and deliver a selection of fine potions to your tower. No matter the location, the distance, or the obstacles, we’ll get it there. Don’t waste your time with the … Continue reading Games In the Stacks! Broom Service

Games in the Stacks: La Isla

The Basics: Designer – Stefan Feld Publisher – Ravensburger Number of Players – 2-4 Ages – 10 and up Playing Time – 60 minutes Mechanic – Hand Management, Area Enclosure, Modular Board You are leading a team of naturalists on the mysterious island of La Isla. The island is so mysterious that, apparently, it is named after itself. What … Continue reading Games in the Stacks: La Isla

Games in the Stacks: Sanssouci

The Basics: Designer - Michael Kiesling Publisher - Ravensburger Number of Players - 2 ? 4 Ages - 8 and up Playing Time - 45 minutes Mechanic - Hand Management, Pattern Building, Tile Placement (A quick note about this review especially the images. I was provided with a review copy of Sanssouci from the publisher, Ravensburger and upon completing my plays, I donated … Continue reading Games in the Stacks: Sanssouci